Manifesto for a quantum leap with quantum computers

Von   Uwe Walter   |  Storytelling- und Change-Experte   |  waltermedia
8. Dezember 2020
Right now is a rare moment in human history. Comparable to the invention of fire-making, artificial intelligence, or genetic scissors. Quantum computing is here, and with it, the question: How will we reinvent ourselves with it? Before we reject this quantum physical, historical chance, we should first take stock.Yes, many people are experiencing exhaustion as a result of digitalization. Given the ever faster machines and their commercialization as human beings, they no longer feel they are being taken on board.

A programmer said to me the other day: “The world is already under stress. What good is quantum computing if we tear ourselves apart as humanity?” True, we humans have been suffering from ourselves since Prometheus stole fire from the gods. Population growth, environmental degradation, political unrest, oppression, terrorism, trade war, irrationality, genetic manipulation. And also: Overtaxing humankind with technology and the associated isolation.

But this time it is different. The sacred quantum country has opened its doors. Ahead of us is a green meadow. And we can put our engineering skills, our thinking, and our chances as humanity once again entirely back to zero hours and accept the challenge.

This time it’s not just about unbeatable cryptography, ingenious database searches, and military and metabolic simulations. This time it is in our hands to use the technical means to answer the delicate, complex questions of humanity in a sustainable, commercially successful, and human-friendly advanced way.

So please let us not focus on the race between nations, companies, and vain scientists. Of course, such developments are always about money, system supremacy, and superior benefits. But it is up to us to develop our world with this revolutionary Ultima Ratio Technique. Let’s imagine and simulate together – and at the same time exponentially faster and more efficient – how we can live together fantastically.

Instead of immediately commercializing this super-thought away or breaking it down into patent disputes like prey, we can make the discovery a cross-national field of reconciliation. What if we collect the big questions of humanity worldwide and then answer them with the help of quantum computers? Only they will be able to find ways in which diversity and coexistence, technology and being fully human can coexist and make sense.

Let us write history together with quantum computers.

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