Malou Baumann

Malou Baumann works as a Research Assistant for the Faculty of Computing at the LMU Munich. She graduated in March 2023 and has received her BA in Cultural Sciences and English from the LMU Munich. Having a huge passion for Journalism, Malou writes for The Gryphon Leeds and has previously published articles with Leeds Finsights and The Tab Leeds. In the past, she has interned for the Goethe-Institute in London, broadening her knowledge about organizational structures in the creative industry.

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Skill shortage and how to tackle it effectively and long-term

Skill shortage, in STEM areas and elsewhere, entail a whole lot of questions that employers are now forced to deal with on a regular basis: With the foremost one being how best to recruit skilled staff, there is also the challenge of actually keeping that member of staff over a preferably long amount of time and thereby, making sure the employee is not enlisted by another corporation. Not an easy task, keeping in mind that various companies currently struggle to fill vacancies in different occupations.