Dr. Cam-Duc Au

Über 12 Jahre Berufserfahrung in Banking und über 10 Jahre in akademischer Arbeit. Themenschwerpunkte in den Bereichen Blockchain, DLT, Digital Assets, Banking & Finance und Robo-Advisory.

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The Digital Euro: Status Quo on the planned CBDC

A current ECB study states that cashless payments (e.g. using EC or credit cards) within the EU are gaining further popularity. The proportion of cash payments in all transactions fell to 59 % in 2022 (comparison 2019: 72 %). Only 30 % of German consumers see cash payment as a preferred payment option (Handelsblatt, 2022). Digital payments are proven to be increasingly popular (ECB, 2023). The introduction of a digital euro as a so-called retail CBDC, which is directly accessible to everyone (e.g. natural persons, companies), intends to pay justice to the digital trend.