Narges Ahmidi

Dr. Narges Ahmidi studied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and medical robotics at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA. After completing her doctorate, she founded and headed the research laboratory „AI for Patient Diagnosis and Treatment“ at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institute for Computational Biology (ICB). She then moved to Fraunhofer IKS as head of the „Reasoned AI Decisions“ department.

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Artificial Intelligence in action for our well-being

In the field of medicine in particular, we are dealing with an enormous amount of data. For a long time now, no doctor has been able to survey this abundance alone. Here, Artificial Intelligence with its strong computing ability offers quick solutions. But that’s not all: Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental factor in diagnostics, but also in the logistics of a hospital. Even in operations and new instruments, Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly important factor.